PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – High school prom season is a happy time, but drinking and driving can turn smiles to tears in an instant.

Fox Chapel Area High School teamed up with police and rescue crews to demonstrate the unthinkable and hopefully teach teens a lesson.

Lisa Miele heard her own obituary in the role of a student killed by a drunk driver.

The accident scene is created, as hospital medics supply the ghostly makeup.

“My first thought was my parents and my friends, how me being gone really would have impacted them. And it made me really sad to think about,” Miele said.

She will not speak again until the day is done. She’s one of many students, like Scott Sterret, who walk the halls as living dead.

“Really kind of hits you when the policeman started talking about how my family’s going to be left behind,” Sterret said.

Activities Director Erin Butkovic said the program will succeed, even if it reaches only one student.

“Even just one student when confronted with a destructive decision makes the correct one and potentially we save some lives,” Butkovic said.

Five fire departments, four EMS crews, two police departments, county 911, and the medical examiner are all taking part.

Alexander Romango plays the role of a driver about to flunk a sobriety test.

“I definitely think this with all my friends what could happen or the seriousness of what would happen if you make a decision like this,” Alexander Romango said.

For some, the Jaws of Life arrives too late. Bridget Hartman is surprised by her own tears, as she identifies her daughter.

“It’s all pretend, but it’s still very gut wrenching,” Hartman said.


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