PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Shortly after his arrest, Ken Konias was described as exhausted and remorseful.

Sources tell KDKA-TV’s Marty Griffin that Konias has spoken freely with FBI agents since the arrest and he’s taken full responsibility for the crimes. In fact, he’s signed a statement.

Police detectives expect to speak with Konias for the first time. They are also expected to talk with witnesses in and around the home where he lived, including several people Konias apparently told about his crime spree.

KDKA’s Marty Griffin reports:

Police expect to speak with the man who called police about Konias as well.

“We’re gonna back track now and find out every location he was at,” Michael Rodriguez of the FBI said.

Investigators say they will interview all neighbors, all witnesses — anyone that came into contact with Konias. That includes two women who Konias tells investigators took more than $100,000 from him as well as a man Konias says took thousands from him.

“That will come out as we interview him on an extended basis,” Rodriguez said. “We hope to get every bit of details.”

Sources indicate Pittsburgh police will also talk with the man who called Pittsburgh homicide at 9 p.m. Monday night.

Sources indicate the man may not have known about the reward when he called police. Rather, that he was concerned Konias was going to kill someone and he wanted him off the streets.

KDKA’s Heather Abraham reports:

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