PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — One of the people in a transgender couple ordered to provide fingerprint and handwriting samples to federal investigators in connection with the Pitt bomb threats has done so.

Seamus Johnston, who was born a woman and now lives as a man, left the federal courthouse late Friday afternoon after nearly four hours there saying he was exhausted but hoped, “this would clear his name.”

He would not comment further. He is now represented by a public defender.

His partner, Katherine McCloskey, did not attend today’s session. She informed reporters by phone and email that she fell in the tub last night and required medical attention.

She plans to testify before a grand jury next month.

Federal agents recently raided their Johnstown home and seized computers and other equipment.

The couple maintains that the university is targeting them because of a lawsuit they filed against Pitt’s Johnstown campus.

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