IRWIN (KDKA) — Police are looking for a man who tried to steal money from Immaculate Conception Church in Irwin.

He first entered the church between morning and afternoon mass on April 20th.

“The first day he comes in he starts to inspect where the donation box where you would donate money to light a candle for St. Joseph and prayers,” Irwin Police Chief Joseph Pocsatko said.

The suspect returned the next day wearing a coat and hat determined to steal money from the donation box.

This time, he discovered he was on camera, but still went through a closet and found a tool. He left after several minutes of trying to break open the donation box.

“Something either spooked him or scared him or startled him to the point where he knew what he was doing was wrong,” Pocsatko said. “He got up, left his backpack on the floor where he left it the first time he come in and left.”

The donation box holds $20 to $30 and is emptied every day.

Police plan to charge the man with attempted theft and criminal trespass.

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