McKEESPORT (KDKA) — A 7-year-old boy is recovering from injuries after he ran into a moving vehicle this morning while trying to get away from a dog that scared him and his brother and sister.

The accident happened in the 1400-block of Hamilton Street.

Ricardo Jackson was on a porch trying to escape a dog on the loose, but when he jumped down and began running again, he ran right into the street.

“[He] runs right into a moving car,” said Bruce Kelly, a neighbor who saw the accident. “The car knocks him down and the pit bull runs away.”

Jackson’s brother, Michael, said he, his younger brother and their sister were walking to school this morning when they were approached by the pit bull.

“We all started panicking and running,” said Michael Davis, Jackson’s brother. “That’s when I stopped. I told him to stop, but he didn’t. He didn’t listen.”

“I just heard him screaming,” said Pamela Davis, the boy’s mother. “I know my kid’s scream. It wasn’t no playing around, wrestling. It was a serious scream.”

Davis ran down the street, and found her son visibly scared and bleeding from his mouth.

The boy needed stitches to his lip and face as well as possibly plastic surgery.

Kelly said he saw the whole thing unfold, and believes the dog wasn’t trying to harm the children. However, he did say he could see that the dog scared them.

“It didn’t appear to try and attack the kid,” Kelly said. “It appeared to try and play with the kid, but that kid didn’t know.”

The boy’s mother says her main concern right now is making sure her son is recovers, but says she does plan to file charges against the owner of the dog.

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