PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Broken door and window frames, screen doors ripped off, a busted up air humidifier – bumps and bruises – black and blue marks.

The Moreno family says all of it thanks to the Pittsburgh Police Department.

“Armed guys with guns and masks come in the house and throw us to the ground and was kicking us and screaming, ‘You think that you’re going to get one of ours and we’re not gonna get you,’” Georgeia Moreno, a plaintiff, said.

According to a lawsuit filed Wednesday, Georgeia Moreno and her family members were sitting on the couch watching Monday Night Football with a couple of kids upstairs when Pittsburgh SWAT officers entered their Carrick home.

“My youngest son was in the shower and [they] drug him out of the shower with guns pointed at him,” she said.

Inside the home, police immediately grabbed her husband, 39-year-old William Moreno. He was accused of beating an off-duty police officer at a South Side bar, breaking the officer’s skull and leg.

Moreno has an extensive criminal record and was considered armed and dangerous by police. Sources indicate those factors mandated police use the SWAT team and SWAT tactics.

Moreno is in jail convicted of aggravated assault in the beating of the officer. Witnesses say Moreno left the officer unconscious on the floor of the bar.
Attorney Tim O’Brien says that incident does not justify the police actions inside the Moreno home.

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