PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A couple accused of stealing hundreds of toys was back in court in Ross Township where they reached a plea deal to get out of jail.

When Judge Joseph Williams asked Christopher DiMaio why he would be involved in something like this, DiMaio said he had been in the toy business in New York but nobody was buying his inventory so he came up with a plan to steal inventory.

Barbie dolls, wrestling action figures – in all $22,000 worth of merchandise was packed into his rented van. It was so full it burst open when police opened its doors.

All from a theft spree from Little Falls, NY to the Kmart at McIntyre Square where DiMaio and his fiancée Theresa Warner were caught along with her 17-year-old son who was adjudicated in juvenile court and sent back to New York.

They’ve been in jail since November and know they’re fortunate the plea deal gave them six months in jail plus a year’s probation in New York.

“They express great remorse,” Jeffrey Hawn, the couple’s defense attorney, said. “I think they are a couple of individuals forced as many of us are into financial difficulties only they took it upon themselves to deal with that in a very unusual and quite ridiculous manner, taking a truck cross state and shoplifting at length.”

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