By Jon Delano

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – It’s almost summer time, so what are the latest trendy items for the outdoors?

How about the Big Green Egg? It’s a sleek reinvention of the charcoal grill.

“We’ve seen a strong trend going back to charcoal. Everybody might still have a gas grill, but you just don’t get the taste until you go to charcoal,” Doug Satterfield said.

But, this isn’t your father’s charcoal grill.

“You see these holes. That’s going to allow the air to come through the bottom, ignite the coals, convection air traveling up through the grill will keep the coals at the right temperature because you’re going to control that heat by opening and closing these vents,” Satterfield said.

Before grilling, how about some yard work?

Most battery-powered hedge trimmers and weed whackers run out of juice in roughly 15 minutes, but there’s a new toy this year.

The 40-volt Ryobi lasts an hour without recharging.

If you need an easy way to fertilize your lawn, try Scott’s new Snap, which are bags of fertilizer with a built-in measuring feature.

“It pops right into this spreader right there, and then you’re off going for the weed and feed. It’s preset with the settings. You can’t overfertilize, you can’t underfertilize. It makes it nice and easy,” Allen Lerch said.

Of course, if you want organic mulch, try sweet peat made with horse manure and wood shavings.

After all that work, take a break in a gazebo that can fit over your deck or patio with twin curtains for bugs or rain.

“Put your patio furniture inside, maybe a little grill to the outside. You have everything you need,” Lerch said.


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