By Jon Delano

WASHINGTON, Pa. (KDKA) – Vice President Joe Biden made an impromptu campaign stop at a restaurant in Washington County.

He dropped in unannounced at Hog father’s BBQ in Washington after visiting Ohio.

Biden worked the tables, posed for pictures and told family stories. He says the people of the Pittsburgh area remind him of Scranton where he grew up.

“These are good, good people,” he said. “They’re just like the folks in northeast Pennsylvania, the folks in Claymont. These people are ready to do whatever it takes to get things straight.”

Biden accused the Republicans of favoring the rich over the hard-working middle class.

“Everybody knows they got a chip in – there’s no easy way out of this recession we inherited and they don’t mind,” Biden said. “But what they don’t like is turn around and find that they’re being played for a sucker. They’re in – everybody else is in a deal, except there’s certain folks ain’t in at all.”

He claimed it was this administration that gets it, that understands why unemployment hurts.

“This is about a lot more than just their job,” Biden said. “It’s about their pride. It’s about their sense of self, it’s about dignity. That’s the part that everybody seems to miss.”

The message seemed to resonate with some.

“I think the middle class is struggling and they’re fighting out to survive and I think the Republicans are totally out of touch,” Bob Sabot, of North Franklin, said. “When you see people losing jobs and not being able to maintain their way of life, it’s very difficult and I think Joe Biden understands that.”

The campaign refused to say where Biden was planning to go because he intends to come back to Pittsburgh again and that site might be the place for another surprise visit.

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