By John Shumway

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Those who sell gasoline in the Pittsburgh area say they can’t put numbers on it yet, but they do know we are using less gas.

“Business is down 5 to 10 percent,” Don Bowers, of Superior Petroleum, said. “That’s a lot. You take 5 to 10 percent on the gallons that you sell every month and it can add up.”

Sue Haberlein is making a conscious effort to reduce driving.

“I have a couple times just gone to the Park and Ride and just taken the bus in and done it that way,” she said.

Not even those in the business will predict definitively the next movement in price, but supply does not appear to be an issue.

“Last year this time Pittsburgh was out of gasoline, this year we got enough, we got a lot,” Bowers said.

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