PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A woman was arrested at the Waterworks Mall accused of trying to pass counterfeit hundred dollar bills.

She was caught when a Panera Bread cashier recognized the counterfeiter from a previous encounter with her.

The same woman burned the store back in March when she used a fake $100 bill to buy a bagel.

A surveillance tape showed there was something unusual about how she pulled the bill out of her top and Elizabeth Thomas didn’t forget.

“She pulled it out of her shirt,” she said. “No one’s ever done that when I’ve worked here before and so I thought it was strange the first time she did it and the fact that she did it again.”

Only this time, they informed the counterfeiter that the store no longer accepts $100 bills. So the counterfeiter quickly left the store.

Thomas immediately told her manager, Anthony Venturino.

“I followed her,” he said. “Yeah, I went after her.”

A security guard nabbed her and she was arrested. It turns out she had already hit T.J. Maxx, the Children’s Place, Five Below and Marshall’s with the funny $100 bills.

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