NEVILLE ISLAND (KDKA) — No one was hurt when the golf dome at the Robert Morris University Island Sports Center collapsed on Neville Island.

There were about 12 people inside the dome when a microburst hit the dome, including staff and people using the course.

“We are very relieved to report that everyone is safe and that when this weather condition hit the structure and created a tear in the roof surface – that did start to release the air that holds the dome up, so it immediately began to deflate,” Kyle Fisher, vice president of public relations for Robert Morris University.

“ … The structure is, as you can see, leveled and we are at this point attempting to understand what to do about that situation.”

The people inside the dome had 45 seconds to get out.

“We heard the rain and it started shaking a bit and then all of a sudden on the side of us it just ripped apart – just completely busted out,” Jordan Ricketts said. He was inside the dome.

Heidi Wiedenhofer works at the dome and says before it collapsed, she knew there was big trouble.

“When the dome was rocking more violently than it ever has before,” she said.

She rushed to adjust the air pressure to make the dome’s skin softer, but it still ripped open. She had seconds to evacuate people.

Winds also knocked down a tree nearby and insulation was scattered around the area.

The dome is 12 years old and used to be 80-feet tall.

On Sunday, crews will try to figure out if the dome can be repaired and reinflated.

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