BEAVER FALLS (KDKA) – Firefighters had to act fast this morning, when flames erupted in several buildings and put animals in harm’s way.

The fire started on the front porch of one house and quickly spread to a house next door. Another house was damaged too, but firefighters were able to keep that house from being destroyed.

The home is in the 200-block of 13th Street in Beaver Falls and still smoldered hours after the fire broke out.Two people who were sleeping on the first floor of the home where the fire began were able to awaken two adults and two children who were sleeping upstairs.

“On our arrival we found one house fully engulfed. The fire had already extended into the house next to it to the east and fire was starting to spread to the house to the west” Chief Mark Stowe of the Beaver Falls Fire Department said.

Raja, the family dog, and her four puppies were rescued from the basement.

The dogs were given oxygen at the scene.

Firefighters say if the family awakened just minutes later, that this fire could have been tragic.

“The steps to the second floor is just right inside the heavily damaged porch, so that fire rolled right up the steps so it was a matter of minutes that they escaped” Chief Stowe said.

People living in the house next door were able to salvage some belongings from their fire ravaged home, but firefighters say that house is likely a loss too.

The family who lived in the house where the fire started lost everything and they are being helped by the Red Cross.


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