EVANS CITY (KDKA) — A woman from Evans City paid a hefty fine for doing what she thought was a good deed.

It all started when the baby bear, weighing just ten pounds, was picked up by the scruff by a dog and taken from the woods.

The woman was mistakenly told the game commission would euthanize the cub, so she took it to her farm, thinking she was rescuing it.

She started searching online for a wildlife refuge, but when the game commission got wind of what was going on, they seized the bear and fined the woman.

“I know human nature is to pick up any small animal they see, but Mother Nature has a way of taking care of things,” Randy Pilarcik, a game commission official, said.

“The mother might have actually dropped it off somewhere on purpose and the intention was to come back later on to feed it.”

The bear was eventually released back into the wild.

Experts say it will likely survive on its own or it might be adopted by a surrogate momma bear.

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