PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A woman’s run from the law ended in Pittsburgh.

Bethany Vera, 26, boarded a bus in Erie and police were waiting for her when that bus arrived here.

She was initially jailed in Erie for two child support cases because authorities say she wasn’t paying.

She’d been living in a halfway house on a work release program until April 27th which is the last time anyone had seen her.

Walking out of the greyhound bus station in handcuffs this afternoon, it was clear Vera wasn’t expecting police to be there.

After a tirade of curse words, she shouted to a woman who later claimed she didn’t know Vera.

“Will you call her and tell her to come get my bags. My bags is still under (unintelligible) name though.”

Erie detectives say Vera told another passenger she had a warrant out for her arrest.

Authorities say that person went to the bathroom, texted a relative who then called police and from there the waiting game for Vera to show up was on.

“Ya’ll do ya’ll jobs and we would stop escaping,” Vera said.

Erie detectives believe the woman had been hiding in Pittsburgh since the end of April. Her family had told authorities they thought she may have been working in online prostitution in the area.

The family also told authorities last week that they were expecting her to make a visit back to Erie.

“Something petty, petty and they doing all this for nothing,” Vera said. “When I go home, all they gonna do is give me another bond and send me back out. Come on, man.”

After her arrest, Vera was brought to the Allegheny County Jail where she will be arraigned overnight and extradited to Erie.

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