By Marty Griffin

NEW CASTLE (KDKA) — A woman was stabbed to death in New Castle and her husband is in jail after reportedly confessing to the murder.

Neighbors say it was only a matter of time after watching a pattern of violence that just wouldn’t stop and unfortunately, many other women are faced with the same thing.

Police believe Shawn Moore should have been in jail months before he had the chance to stab his wife 23 times.

“This is probably one of the most violent homicides I’ve ever witnessed,” New Castle Police Sgt. Dave Cumo said.

Court records indicate Moore drank all day Wednesday and allegedly murdered his wife in the family home that night, sat on his front porch and confessed to the neighbors.

“He says, ‘Tammy…she’s gone. I’ve killed her,’” Tammy Hovanek said.

Hovanek and her daughter, Kaeley, have watched the violent attacks by Moore escalate for months. In fact, they rushed Alisha Moore to the hospital just a few months ago.

“Two months ago, he had beaten her with a hammer,” she said. “She was sleeping and he had beaten her with a hammer. I took her to the emergency room that night to get care, but she refused to press charges.”

Records indicate Shawn Moore also broke his wife’s jaw within the last six months. She refused to press charges.

In fact, New Castle police say they’ve been at the house so many times on domestic violence calls they’ve lost count which all begs the question: Why did Sean Moore’s wife stay with him?

“We have to remember the fear,” Rhonda Fleming with the Pittsburgh Women’s Shelter said. “We have to remember the threats the abuser has most likely made. ‘If you leave me, I will …’ and you can fill in the blanks.”

Those threats can be real. About 2,000 to 4,000 women are murdered in domestic violence related incidents each year.

The experts say the best thing to do is call police or call a local shelter where you will be protected.

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