BELLEFONTE (KDKA) — The prosecution is expected to rest its case Monday when the Jerry Sandusky trial resumes. Then, the defense will present its case.

There’s no word if Sandusky will take the stand, but two local attorneys say allowing the former Penn State assistant football coach to testify could be a mistake.

Lawyers for Sandusky have already revealed their strategy.

They’ve highlighted changes and discrepancies in statements from Sandusky’s accusers. They’ve also tried to show that some of the alleged victims are motivated to lie in the hopes of hitting a civil lawsuit jackpot.

“There is lots of money out there,” Joe Amendola, Sandusky’s attorney, said Friday. “Lawsuits have already been filed against Penn State, against The Second Mile, against Jerry Sandusky.”

“I think he’s [going to] make an issue out of the fact that a lot of them have attorneys, and they’re hoping through a lawsuit to make a lot of money as a result of what happened here, from, I presume, Penn State,” says attorney J. Alan Johnson.

“He is still innocent until proven guilty,” added attorney Frank Walker. “He is not proven guilty until the verdict comes back, if it comes back guilty. They have to reinforce that in their minds, at this point; now it’s our turn.”

Amendola suggested Sandusky might take the stand during his first remarks to jurors, but it’s not certain that will happen.

“The number one rule in criminal defense, the way I learned it, is that in your opening statement you don’t commit one way or another because you don’t know how the prosecution’s case is going to shake out,” Walker said.

“I don’t think a person should take the stand unless it’s absolutely necessary because it changes the dynamics of the jury’s consideration of the burden of proof,” Johnson added.

CNN reports Sandusky was to be examined by a prosecution psychologist Sunday.

The exam is the result of a court order Friday allowing the defense to introduce testimony on whether Sandusky suffers from a mental disorder.

The Centre Daily Times reports Sandusky was away from his house for several hours this afternoon. He was accompanied by one of his attorneys.

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