ARNOLD (KDKA) — A Westmoreland County woman says she and her daughter were beaten up by a group of people while attending a birthday party in Pittsburgh’s East Hills.

Now, she’s wondering if and when authorities will make any arrests.

“I was sick. I was vomiting. My eye was shut, swollen, in severe pain,” said Roxanne Smith of her injuries. “They tried to kill me, and then they said they were going to finish me off; come back and finish me off when they see me.”

The swelling around Smith’s left eye has gone down, but she says she still has blurred vision. She is also still on crutches because of a fractured toe on her left foot.

“I thought I was going to die that night; that’s what I thought because I started blacking out as the punches and the kicking kept proceeding,” she said.

Smith and her children were invited by a friend to a birthday party on East Hills Drive.

According to Smith, after she verbally reprimanded one of the girls at the party for allegedly drinking alcohol, the girl called her mother to say that Smith either grabbed or shoved her.

Smith, of Arnold, claims the girl made the story up. A little later, she say the girl’s irate mother showed up at the party.

“Her mother came with a gang of people from Beltzhoover, and rushed into the house that I was in and from there, they attacked me,” Smith said.

Smith’s 14-year-old daughter lost a tooth and a clump of hair in the fight.

Smith says she’s been talking to Pittsburgh police about the incident. So far, no one has been arrested.

“Police said they were waiting on the DA to sign off on a warrant,” she said. “That has not happened. I called down to the DA’s office and they said there was no charges filed. I just feel like they should not be out there walking the streets; and I just want justice for my daughter and myself.”

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