PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – A mysterious donation sent to the Animal Rescue League is generating a lot of buzz.

It came by mail, with no return address from an ex-panhandler.

The anonymous letter was postmarked from Israel and the small donation inside was from a man who admitted to charity fraud during desperate times.

The Animal Rescue League is constantly receiving donations to help care for the hundreds of animals they help.

The letter read:

“About one year ago, I stood on Murray Avenue collecting money. I was broke and needed to eat, so I collected money under the name of the Animal Rescue League of Western Pa.”

Levi Hahn with the Animal Rescue League said inside was cash in the amount of $35. It was the amount the man said he collected that day.

The letter was signed, “Sincerely, a man trying to improve his life.”

“It says to me that there’s faith in humanity. He did something wrong, but he fixed it. He made it right,” Hahn said.

Meadow Fallon said she opened the letter back in the fall and was immediately intrigued when she saw it was postmarked from Israel.

The letter has been on her desk ever since, serving as inspiration for her.

Just recently, the letter went viral and is now posted on the Animal Rescue League’s Facebook page for all to be inspired by.

“It’s been one of our top posts of all-time, as far as likes and shares,” Hahn said.

“I would just want to tell him, thank you for doing the right thing and I hope you’re doing better,” Fallon said.

The money has already gone into the general donation fund, which goes towards helping all of the animals.


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