PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Pittsburgh police are trying to determine whether an infant and a toddler were left home alone Wednesday afternoon in Pittsburgh’s Beltzhoover section.

Officials say it happened at a home in the 300-block of Michigan Street.

KDKA-TV’s Harold Hayes reports that police were called on reports that the infant, which was taken into the custody of CYS, was abandoned.

The mother of the infant and the mother of a toddler reportedly left the children in the care of babysitters.

But a young man, who came to the house and had fallen asleep, became alarmed when he awakened and found the babysitters had left.

It’s when he went to call police that a number of people became alarmed.

“An officer had been on the street on an unrelated incident. He was informed by a gentleman that there were children left at a residence unattended, and we’re still working on investigating where the parents of these two children are at,” said Sgt. William Bair, of Pittsburgh Police. “We believe that the parents had left two younger children, they left them to babysit – an 11- and 12-year-old – and those two females that were supposed to babysit had left the residence.”

“Basically, what we have is two kids that were left in the house, a baby a few months old and another baby close to 2-years-old. They were left with a babysitter, at that time. I believe it was a 10-year-old, there’s a discrepancy as to whether it was a 10- or 14-year-old young lady,” said Richard Carrington, a Beltzhoover resident.

“Once she saw the young man had woken up, she basically left the house and left the kids with the young man. So, the understanding was that no one was left with the kids,” he added. “The young man was here with the kids when he walked down off the porch to flag down the police; obviously, there was no one at the house at that time cause he was flagging down the police.”

The toddler is now back with relatives, but the infant remains in the custody of CYS officials.

Meantime, police are still trying to sort it out exactly what happened.

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