PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — Whether you are watching your weight or are looking for that full-bodied flavor, a local brewery says it has some new options for beer drinkers.

Duquesne Brewing Company unveiled its newest premium beers Wednesday.

Forget all those other light beers, Duquesne Brewing Company, which was brought back to life by Mark Dudash two years ago, says its newest beer, Duquesne LT, will beat out all those other light beers.

“We did something a little unique. The father of light beer, Dr. Joe Owades – who invented it, he used a little process which I’m adopting as well, which is a little unique to the industry,” said Dudash. “I know we’re going to have a winner with this.”

Duquesne LT has only 96 calories a bottle and 3.2 grams of carbs. Dudash says it uses a high quality two-row malt to enhance the flavor.

“We make the only beer with 100 percent two-row barley,” he said. “Every other light beer is six row, costs six times more and we’re going to make a super-premium light beer.”

Duquesne Brewing, famous for its restored flagship brand – Duquesne Pilsner – employs more than 140 people in Latrobe, and should have its new light beer on the market by July 1.

Dudash says this is only the start of more kinds of beer, come August, you can drink a new lager with an old name, Fort Pitt.

“I’m very historical in nature. It’s going to be lager beer, and I’m going to use English hops,” said Dudash. “When you go back to the Old Pitt, it’s going to have a different flavor, but that’s going to be our next phase.”

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