UNIONTOWN (KDKA) — Police say Yvonne Bradley created an elaborate web of lies to distance herself from her kidnapping plot.

Police are now following up on leads trying to find out if Bradley had accomplices or if she was getting unknowing people to help her.

Jeannine Smith will never forget the nightmare she endured this week.

Her 3-month old son Terrel was snatched from a hotel room where she thought he was going to be used in a Huggies commercial.

“I thought this only happened on lifetime movies, like, people are really going around stealing people’s babies and stuff, like, how did she think gonna get away with this?” Smith said.

Bradley, 46, drove Smith and her son from their Hill District home to the Walmart in Uniontown.

That’s where Smith was told that her son couldn’t be in the commercial but he could be in a movie that was being filmed Tuesday morning.

Smith and her son spent the night at the Heritage Inn with Bradley. When Smith walked to Walgreen’s in the morning, Bradley took off her with her baby.

Bradley was picked up a few minutes later near Woodland World in downtown Uniontown – the same place where police say two white women and a teenager in a small white car picked up the SUV Bradley had been driving.

After our story aired last night, a woman contacted police saying she had unknowingly had contact with Bradley at the Uniontown Walmart.

“She was able to enlighten us on the way that she was webbing the lies, stringing these lies so that she could be alone with the child,” Uniontown Police Captain David Rutter said.

Police would now like to talk to the women in the white car who picked up the SUV Bradley was driving.

They would also like to talk to anyone who may have been in Walmart Monday night and either saw or talked to Bradley.

“I think we’re close here. I think we need some of the public’s help still … we’re missing a few pieces of the puzzle but we still know what the puzzle looks like,” Rutter said.

And police say no piece of information is too large or too small.

If you had interaction with Bradley anywhere on Monday or Tuesday, you should contact them at the station.

In the meantime, Bradley remains in jail on $250,000 bond.

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