PLUM BOROUGH (KDKA) – Crews quickly worked to repair a water main break in Plum Borough Monday morning.

According to officials, the water main ruptured in the 500-block of Oblock Avenue around 6:30 a.m.

The rushing water caused concrete to buckle and saturated lawns.

“The whole yard was flooded and it went down my neighbor’s driveway and then, her basement flooded six inches and my basement is all flooded and nasty and muddy,” Janet Deangelo said.

According to neighbors, this is the fifth break in nine days and the 26th break on the street in the past couple of years.

“Me and my wife were just sitting on the porch drinking coffee this morning and heard it blow out. I looked across the street and it was 10 feet in the air,” Dave Green said.

“A week ago, it broke and half the yard was flooded and the street blew up and yard blew up and they came and repaired it a little bit,” Deangelo said. “When I came out, it was 10 or 12 feet high.”

Neighbors also said the lines in the area are bad, but the Plum Borough was planning to replace them starting on Tuesday. The work is expected to take a few weeks.


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