PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – People everywhere are reacting to the news of the deadly Friday morning movie theater shooting in Colorado, especially people who planned to see “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Today, moviegoers lined up for the long-awaited conclusion to the Dark Knight trilogy, but were wrestling with something much darker because of a mass murder in a crowded theater in Colorado during a midnight screening, which left at least 12 dead.

“I was just shocked about it. I didn’t think anyone was capable of doing anything like that. It’s very disturbing,” David Golightly said.

“You don’t expect that to go on at an event that has so much hype and so much excitement, to all of sudden someone go out of their way to cause violence and harm on people. You just don’t expect it,” Rich Burgess said.

There are Batman fans the world over, but locally, there is a heightened interest because many watched the filming take place in the city and throughout Pittsburgh neighborhoods.

At Rave Motion Pictures Theater in McCandless, Burgess arrived early to beat the crowds. Despite the very real tragedy, he believes fans will still flock to see the Batman trilogy finale.

“Everybody feels bad about what happened. And you have that feeling in the back of your head, but I still feel like it’s a movie that everyone wants to see, so they’re still [going to] go see it,” Burgess said.

“I think everyone should come out to see it just to support all of them, to show they’re not going to stop coming to see a movie that everyone wants to see just because of one person’s actions,” Tim Gubash said.


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