UNIONTOWN (KDKA) — A woman accused of concocting an elaborate plot to kidnap a three-month-old baby will stand trial.

Yvonne Bradley is accused of luring a Hill District mother and her baby to a motel in Uniontown under the pretense that the baby would be in a Huggies commercial.

“I said I was sorry,” Bradley said. “I think that she panicked ‘cause all she had to do was look at my note.”

Jeanine Smith testified that Bradley picked her up at her Hill District home and took her to Uniontown, promising that her baby boy would be in a Huggies commercial.

Bradley gave Smith $500 up front and put her up at the Heritage Inn.

“We never planned to stay the night, so I had nothing on us … we only packed for the night, so I had to go down the street to Walgreen’s,” Smith said.

“It was 6 [a.m.] and I asked her if she could just, you know, he was sleep, if she could just chill for a little bit, I’d be right back. I came back like 10 minutes later and he was gone.”

Police found Bradley with the baby 15 minutes later on Morgantown Street. They say Bradley left forged adoption papers at the hotel.

“I hope she gets like 50 years, you know, whatever the max is I hope she gets it,” Smith said.

Police initially thought more people may have been involved but now believe it was an elaborate plot masterminded by one woman.

“I never thought anything like this would happen to me,” Smith said.

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