UNIONTOWN (KDKA) — It was a dramatic exit by an employee at a Walgreen’s in Fayette County. He claimed he was angry, saying his boss wasn’t giving him enough hours.

Matthew Cumberland, 26, of Uniontown, had been working as a cashier at the Walgreen’s for about a year, but on Saturday evening, he decided that he’d had enough.

He left the store mid-shift, allegedly cleaning out the cash drawer before taking off.

“Turns out he stole $697 in cash,” said Officer Thomas Kolencik, of Uniontown Police. “Walked out, left a note saying that he was leaving, that he quit.”

The note specifically is an I.O.U.

It reads: “I quit. This place is a joke anymore. Leave it to Weaver 2 days a week. P.S. I owe you.”

“He’s disgruntled cause he actually wanted more hours. Hate to hold that against him, but he was mad he wasn’t getting more time and left,” said Officer Kolencik. “Why he took the money, I don’t know. If he’d just walked out, he could have just not used them as a reference, where now he can’t use them as a reference and he has a criminal history.”

Surveillance video shows the money being taken out of the register.

Police say it appears that Cumberland had to work up the courage to do it, and was remorseful after.

He returned most of the money the next day, less a small amount that he says he used to pay his cell phone bill.

“He was real confused. He paced back and forth,” said Officer Kolencik. “You could see that he was really debating on whether he was going to do it or not, and walked out one time, come all the way back, sat over the cash register for a minute, took the money, and left.”

Cumberland has been charged with theft and released on an unsecured bond.

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