BLAIRSVILLE (KDKA) — A 74-year-old man is accused of making sexually explicit comments to women outside of a Walmart in Indiana County.

State police say John Fleck, of Black Lick, would sit in the fire lane in front of the store and make the comments to women as they left the store.

“Following them to their vehicles, making lewd comments to them about their bodies and making sexual advances towards them,” State Police Sgt. Ryan Maher said.

State police say Fleck would follow the women in his vehicle and sometimes he would get out of the car.

Investigators say this had gone on for weeks, but an incident on July 26 got police and Walmart involved.

“Store security was able to obtain a license plate and video surveillance of the incident,” Maher said.

Beth Branthoover, Fleck’s neighbor, says she has had her own encounters with him.

“He said he wants to see me in a skirt, he wants me to come up there and drink beer with him,” she said. “I mean, no.”

Fleck’s offense is a misdemeanor and he will receive a summons in the mail.

Calls to Walmart were not returned and Fleck was nowhere to be found.

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