SEWICKLEY HILLS (KDKA) — It was quite a heist in a Sewickley Hills neighborhood in early July. Police say it happened during a party thrown by the homeowner’s son.

“In which some of the kids at the party invited kids who were not known,” says Detective Ryan Ging of the Ohio Township Police Department.

Jewelry worth thousands of dollars disappeared from a kitchen vase.

“Which consisted of a necklace, earrings and a charm.”

Ohio Township police have arrested 19-year-old Justin Lively and 21-year-old Amanda Salamone, both from Beaver County, and Christopher Hatton of Brookline.

“These kids came in with this ring,” Mike Livingstone said. He manages Barkan Buy Jewelry in Beaver Falls. He’d been alerted to be on the lookout for the stolen items.

“I grabbed it – looked at it – identified it immediately because of the scratches on the inside – the diamonds on the inside.”

A store surveillance video clip shows Mike telling the trio that he would have to hold on to the ring appraised at more than $3,000 because it was reported stolen.

“The girl stood there kept saying it was her ring, her ring, her ring.”

Then he suggested they wait for police.

“They hightailed it out of here,” he said. “They made the excuse that they went out for their ID’s.”

Police commended Barkan Buy Jewelry and Ace Diamond and Jewelry Brokers in Boardman, Ohio for helping to recover most of the loot.

“We are still missing the earrings and one of the charms,” says the detective.

Still facing a preliminary hearing, Salamone and Hatton are charged with receiving stolen property and criminal conspiracy. Justin Lively is also charged with theft.

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