GREENSBURG (KDKA) — Jurors heard more testimony in the sentencing phase of the trial for Melvin Knight, one of six people accused of torturing and killing a mentally-challenged woman in Greensburg.

Investigators explained in great detail how the case unfolded in the hours after the murder of Jennifer Daugherty.

Floria Headon lived in the Pennsylvania Avenue apartment directly below the one where Daugherty was killed.

She told the jurors that she frequently saw members of the “Greensburg 6” coming and going, but they never spoke.

“If you ask me, they all should get it because it was terrible what they did to that young lady,” Headon said.

Jurors also saw photos of the knife Knight used stab Daugherty seven times. They also saw photos of a metal crutch and towel rack used to beat the victim before her death.

Investigators linked Melvin Knight to the victim through her cell phone. They say he changed the voicemail recording to say, “You’ve reached Melvin, Amber and Jules” apparently referring to himself, co-defendant Amber Meidinger and their then-unborn child.

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