PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – The KDKA investigators have learned that Pittsburgh Police are investigating whether a Pittsburgh School Police officer sexually assaulted a student more than a decade ago.

According to sources, the incident happened in the late 1990s at Arthur J. Rooney Middle School on Pittsburgh’s North Side.

However, it didn’t come to light until the alleged victim recently approached Pittsburgh Police to claim he had been assaulted.

Sources indicate in May of 1999, a school police officer took a student into a third floor closet where sources indicate some sort of inappropriate incident occurred.

In 1999, the officer under investigation wrote in a memo to the director of employee relations, “…I was approached by a student and he jokingly said to me that he can take me in a fight.”

“…I told him we should go to the third floor where it is more isolated.”

“…I opened the door to the AV storage room and we went inside.”

“…I turned to walk out of the room and he grabbed me from behind and wrestled me to the floor.”

And in this letter sent from the school district to the same officer, administrations said, “…You pulled the student from class on at least one other occasion to go to the storage room and wrestle.”

“…Evidence reveals that you have gone to the storage room with other students under similar circumstances.”

The officer was suspended for 20 days, but at the time, a district investigation found no evidence of sexual assault.

Regardless, state law requires school police to report this type of incident but sources indicate Pittsburgh police were not notified about it for nearly three months.

Meantime, sources tell the KDKA Investigators two former students have recently come forward alleging they were sexually assaulted in the storage room by the school police officer.

Sources indicate one of the alleged victims, now 24, told investigators, “He was taken from class by the officer more than 100 times, brought to the storage room and ordered to perform oral sex on the officer.”

Sources tell the KDKA Investigators police plan to interview up to 10 students who may have been taken into that storage room and that police have a list of half a dozen names right now.

The officer is currently on paid suspension, but no criminal charges have been filed at this time.


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