By Bob Allen

UNIONTOWN (KDKA) — A man accused of threatening to cut an unborn baby from the mother’s womb was in court for a preliminary hearing.

Police say Darryl Clark Jr., 21, of Lawrenceville, is accused of holding a knife to the pregnant woman’s stomach, choking her and throwing her against the side of a house.

He also allegedly sliced the stomach of the victim’s stepfather leaving a superficial wound.

“Who else wouldn’t be scared when there’s a knife towards your belly and you’re getting your kid taken out of you,” Clark’s pregnant ex-girlfriend, the alleged victim, said. “That’s some scary stuff.”

She said Clark had been drinking alcohol when he started questioning her if he was really the father of her unborn child.

Then he turned violent, choking her and pulling out a knife.

“He turns around and grabs this knife out of his pocket, opens it up and had it like this close to my stomach and was like, ‘I’m gonna cut the baby out of you,’” she told KDKA-TV.

She testified against him in court. Earlier she wanted to drop the charges, blaming alcohol.

“Later when he drunk that dark liquor with the vodka, he just went crazy,” she said.

Clark does not have a prior record.

“I love my baby and her,” Clark told KDKA-TV.

The judge dismissed the felony charges against Clark, but he still faces misdemeanor charges of simple assault and reckless endangerment.

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