PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – It’s being called “a ride of silence,” after two bicyclists were killed within a week of each other on city streets.

Several groups gathered Monday morning to honor the victims and raise awareness.

This morning’s ride wasn’t just to remember two cyclists who recently lost their lives on the road, but dozens of cyclists today wanted to bring more awareness to drivers to share the road.

In preparation for the ride, red arm bands were tied onto cyclists who have been injured to mark their dangerous encounters on the streets.

Corey Fisher was branded with the red flag because he’s been hospitalized three times from accidents.

“I lost my two front teeth where someone couldn’t wait to get to the store and took a hard left in front of me,” Fisher said.

This summer, James Price, of Homewood, and Anthony Green, of Wilkinsburg, were both killed after being struck by drivers on Penn Avenue.

Riding along Penn Avenue Monday, cyclists had a strong presence as they passed the sites of the accidents.

“It’s really about public awareness. That the public understands that when bad outcomes happen between cars and bikes, almost always the cyclist is hurt,” Jim Logan said.

“This is my only mode of transportation. And a lot of time, riders are not treated like people. And we don’t get the respect that we deserve on the roads,” Tom Jefferson from Bike Pittsburgh said.

There have been efforts to make the roads safer for bikers.

The city put up signs directing bicyclists away from Penn Avenue and pointing them toward side streets.

A new state law enacted in April requires drivers to give a four-foot cushion when passing a cyclist.

Organizers said it’s a start, but drivers have to do their part.

“Just open your eyes and think and take a look. Be respectful more of your environment and what’s around you,” Fisher said.

For participants, this ride today was very much about remembering and following the rules of the road themselves.

Cyclists were reminded not to run red lights and helmets were required.


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