INDIANA COUNTY (KDKA) — An Indiana County family is on edge after someone fired shots at their home. Today, they are frightened and looking for answers.

“It was loud… Bang bang bang bang bang… 4 or 5 times,” victim Diana Wimer says.

Diana Wimer was lying down with her 4-year-old granddaughter, Cha’ztyle late Monday night.

Wimer’s mother was asleep in another room.

It was a quiet night on Main Street in Marion Center until the shots rang out.

“We just heard gunshots and everybody else thought they were firecrackers… Hitting house and mom thought it was hail… Hitting the house… And they were gunshots,” Wimer says.

Police believe the shots were fired by a 22-caliber gun out of a vehicle driving on an alley behind the house.

One of the gun shots hit below a bathroom window. Another shot hit below the kitchen window.

Wimer says her family is lucky no one was hurt.

“Very possible because constantly in the kitchen… Baby always wanting something to eat… Something to drink… Very likely it could have hit one of us,” Wimer says.

State police spent all day yesterday investigating at the Wimer’s home.

They take incidents like this one very seriously.

“Naturally when somebody does that type of act either accidentally or intentionally… Very serious… Risks associated with that… Doing what we can to investigate at this particular point and time,” says Trooper John Matchik.

In the meantime, Wimer says she will be keeping surveillance cameras in the front and back of her home on at all times.

She’s hoping an arrest is made soon so she and her family can sleep.

“I stayed up too scared to go to sleep,” Diana Wimer says.

If you have any information about who may have fired shots, you are asked to call Indiana County State Police.

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