PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — One week after Mitt Romney addressed his party – it’s Barack Obama’s turn.

In a race that is deadlocked, it’s the President’s chance to convince undecided voters his way.

“I really think he’s done the best he could do, and I really think that he does have to talk about jobs,” says Jane Glass of Butler.

Talking about jobs and the economy, and how things will be better if he’s reelected seems key, maybe with a focus on women.

“I think he should talk about the economy. I think he should talk about his accomplishments, specifically in regards to me as a woman, the Lilly Ledbetter Act,” notes Kim Olday of Wilkinsburg.

That was the first law Obama signed – equal pay for equal work – but for some like Robert Kontrowicz of Gibsonia it won’t matter what the President says.

“Is there anything he could say tonight that would convince you to vote for him?” asked KDKA political editor Jon Delano.

“No,” said Kontrowicz.

“He said it all the first time and it didn’t happen,” added Mike ‘Cookie’ Chipponis of West Mifflin.

However strong your opinions for or against President Obama, the real question is how many of those undecided voters will watch. There’s some evidence most will not.

“Definitely, definitely, a majority will not be watching the speech tonight,” says CivicScience polling expert John Dick.

Dick says many undecided voters are not interested in watching Obama, but nonetheless, his message needs to be clear.

“Certainly, he needs to talk about jobs and the economy, which I’m sure he will because that is the single biggest issue affecting the undecided voter,” notes Dick.

So, besides political junkies, the bulk of the audience Thursday night will be Obama supporters and maybe some Romney fans checking out the competition.

For Democrats, this is an important chance to excite their local campaign workers – the foot soldiers needed to get out the vote.

And it signals the start of the last leg of this never-ending campaign – now less than nine weeks away.

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