DRAVOSBURG (KDKA) — Six McKeesport football players were suspended from Friday’s game for allegedly being at a party.

Police say, as a result of that gathering, they’ve received reports of underage drinking and a brutal sexual assault.

The incident happened in the basement of a Dravosburg home last Saturday night.

According to the teenage boy who hosted the party, five teenage boys ages 14 to 17 – all McKeesport High School football players — went into the bathroom and had sex with a 15-year-old girl.

Marty Griffin: “How did this happen?”

Parent: “Kids being kids and showing up and bringing apparently alcohol.”

The party was thrown at the home of one of the football players. The boy’s mother was out with her husband and had no idea what happened until the police called.

Now she worries her son who has been interviewed by police – not named as a suspect – could lose a football scholarship.

“That is my only concern – my son and his future,” she said. “He is a great athlete, he has a scholarship and he’s worked hard for it.”

Allegheny County Police will not talk specifics and will only say they are investigating an alleged sex assault.

However, attorneys hired to represent the teenage boy say he has co-operated with police and has been cleared of any wrongdoing.

“Clearly there is criminal investigation going on,” Phil DiLucente, a defense attorney, said. “The family has co-operated without me being present. They are that confidant that in fact nothing concerning their family or the8ir son had anything to do with this alleged rape.”

“And clearly, because it happened at the house, there is always a concern that someone would say something adversely, but that has not happened whatsoever,” he continued.

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