PENN TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Police say it was a series of bad decisions that led to DUI charges against a father and son.

They were both caught driving under the influence on Harrison City-Export Road in Penn Township.

Mary Gressman was sleeping Sunday night when 30-year-old Adam Augustine slammed into a guide wire and utility pole outside of her Harrison City-Export Road home.

She didn’t realize what had happened until she got a call from her neighbor and walked outside.

“So when I turned the lights on and come out and there was a car parked down in front of my garage all smashed up,” Gressman said.

Augustine hit the guide wire with such force that the top of the pole where it connected was sheared off.

“He hit this guide wire that holds this pole up and bounced off and hit this pole and broke it in half,” she said.

Police say Augustine then called his parents for a ride.

The group drove Augustine’s car through Gressman’s yard and into her driveway before leaving the scene.

Police caught up with them at a stoplight at the intersection of Harrison City-Export Road and Waugaman where Adam Augustine was taking his father’s place in the driver’s seat.

Police then learned that 61-year-old Francis Augustine was driving under the influence too.

The Augustine’s weren’t home when KDKA-TV stopped at their house Thursday.

“The reminder here would be just remember when you’re drinking have someone else drive the car for you so that your bad decisions don’t start compounding on one another and things go from bad to worse quick,” Penn Township Police Chief John Otto said.

Mary Gressman says it’s not uncommon for people to speed on the road outside of her Penn Township home, but she’s never seen anything like this.

“This is the first time it’s ever happened in all the years that we’ve lived here,” she said.

Adam Augustine and his father, Francis Augustine, are both charged with driving under the influence and related charges.

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