UNIONTOWN (KDKA) — Powerball sales are brisk at Byers Main Street Market.

The convenience store in Uniontown had a million dollar winner Wednesday night. Kayla Hendrickson sold him the ticket.

“He took a chance, and he hit,” she says. “I’m happy for him. It was four guys from the power plant in Masontown.”

Kayla’s mother, Laura Hendrickson, hopes lightning strikes twice. “The first thing I said to her, you could have sold the million dollar ticket to me.”

Clerk Angela Trotti says it’s not the market’s only brush with Powerball prosperity. “We see a lot of lucky people. Actually, just today somebody won a couple thousand dollars.”

Byers Market gets $5,000 for selling the million dollar ticket.

Kayla Hendrickson says the winning number was based, in part, on time of day. “The number was 629. That came out on the daily last night. That’s when he played his Powerball ticket – the one that won.”

Timing is everything.

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