PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Allegheny County sheriff’s deputies arrived at a body shop Monday morning to evict the last remaining business owner along the Route 28 construction zone.

A court order was issued on Sept. 10, that said should the plaintiff fail to vacate the premises the sheriff is directed to evict or remove the plaintiff.

Deputies arrived early Monday morning to evict 56-year-old William Lieberth from Allegheny Auto Body, which he has owned for the last 30 years.

PennDOT took the property over through eminent domain. However, Lieberth has maintained that he never got fair market value for the property.

He also thought he had until the end of the business day to vacate.

“I got your check, give me your keys, we own the building and you’re going to be out of here in a couple minutes. They did give us half an hour. They did let me get my truck,” Lieberth said.

One vehicle was removed from the property today, but Lieberth still has some belongings inside the building.

It is unknown if he’ll be able to retrieve them at this time.

He is currently looking for another property in order to the business.


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