LIGONIER TOWNSHIP (KDKA) — Ligonier Township volunteer firefighters and crews worked for almost three hours to save a calf that was stuck below ground in 16-foot-deep hole Monday.

A farm manager noticed the calf circling a pasture field around 6 p.m. and called authorities.

A short time later the Ligoner Emergency Management Coordinator and three other personnel responded to the scene.

However, the four responders weren’t able to help the calf alone and had to call back up.

Ultimately 38 people were called to the scene, including the Westmoreland County Animal Rescue Team.

Crews had to dig a slope down to the 150-pound calf, attach a harness and pull it out through the 40-inch-wide opening.

The rescue workers were able to pull the calf out shortly after 9 p.m.


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