PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A few business owners say some may feel like “big brother watching,” but with all the surveillance cameras monitoring shops, alleys and streets, everyone feels they help deter crime and catch the bad guys.

The disturbing video capturing a CAPA teacher being attacked by a teen was crystal clear.

District Attorney, Steven Zappala says security cameras are increasingly popular and aid in these types of arrests.

“Technology has worked for the benefit of the public and there weren’t a lot of man hours spent for the commander’s guys to apprehend the guy responsible for the assault,” Zappala says.

The city has invested in both lighting and additional cameras throughout the city and downtown but that is on top of all the local businesses that help protect the streets.

“At least three or four years ago, 45-50% of downtown was under surveillance by the private sector,” Zappala says.

“A lot of people complain because it cuts down on people’s privacy,” says business owner Kitty Litman.

Litman, owner of “The Coin Exchange” on Sixth Street, is not complaining. She has never had to rely on her surveillance system but takes comfort that it is there.

“When they first started city lights back in the 1800’s, crime dropped. I’m sure surveillance cameras will do the same thing,” Litman says.

Other businesses like “Oliver Twist,” also use cameras to keep an eye on the street.

While businesses can lend a hand to police by providing footage, police are stepping up on their end as well. Police have been in talks to get more patrol officers out on the street.

“When you talk about the presence of more police, of course that is nice,” Litman says.

Zone 2 police have not specified exactly how many additional officers will be out on the street. No word yet on when that will be effective.

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