PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — If you’d like to get better gas mileage, a new study suggests you can, if you simply lose weight.

On the gas gauge, ‘E’ stands for ‘empty.’ ‘E’ also stands for ‘eat;’ and according to a new study, the more you eat, the quicker you’ll end up on empty.

According to a University of Illinois report, due to our continued weight gains, we’re supersizing our use of gasoline to the tune of 1.13 billion more gallons used per year.

That’s equal to three days of America’s yearly fuel consumption.

“Americans are heavier,” said Mary Ellen Hart, a motorist. “When I go on trips, the heaviest people on the trips are always the Americans.”

So much so, even as manufactures try to lighten up their vehicles with changes in options and components to increase fuel efficiency, we keep on eating and canceling out the savings.

“Well, I guess so. I guess if we’re heavier, our cars have to transport heavier cargo,” said motorist Seth Mundsinger. “I guess if we were lighter, our cars wouldn’t have to work as hard.”

The size of the car you drive, the weather, how you maintain your car and the part of the country you live in are all variables when it comes to pumping gas and gaining weight.

But the question remains, would you be willing to drop some pounds to increase your miles per gallon?

“Lose weight? No, I’ve lost enough,” said Joe Mastracci, another motorist.

“Not to get better gas mileage,” added Mundsinger. “If anything it would be to be healthier for myself.”

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