By: Christine D'Antonio

WEST VIEW (KDKA) — Police in West View believe a stray animal is to blame for killing a family’s pet husky.

West View police say the dog was in its own backyard Saturday night when it was mauled to death.

Neighbors in West View are pointing the finger at coyotes, which they say they’ve seen more of recently including close to the now-abandoned Highland Country Club.

“That is scary and it’s scary to know that they’ll go after a husky,” said Eileen Bearer, a West View resident and dog owner.

People with dogs are urged to keep a close watch on them, especially at night when coyotes come out.

“That is pretty concerning,” said Sean Slaney, of West View. “Maybe the police should look out for the coyotes a little more around the area if that’s going to be a problem now.”

Officers say the animals are typically skittish, but can get territorial sometimes around other animals.

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