PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Police released disturbing new details in the investigation of a woman accused of attempting to suffocate her infant.

Pittsburgh Police said the woman from West Virginia may have tried to smother her child more than a dozen times.

According to police, the 4-month-old almost lost his life twice in a matter of days at Children’s Hospital.

“She would compress the child, smothering, suffocating, the child until near death then resuscitate the child,” Pittsburgh Police Lt. Kevin Kraus said.

Kraus said that baby was nearly suffocated to death anywhere from six to 15 times between August and October.

Some of the alleged smothering happening in Boone County, West Virginia, where the family lives.

“We believe that there are six medically documented cases where the child presented at Charleston, W. Va. hospital and after the sixth time the doctor transferred the baby to Children’s Hospital,” Kraus said.

Between the infant’s arrival at Children’s Hospital on Oct. 18 to Oct. 20, police said there were two times that the baby was unresponsive or breathing abnormally and had to be resuscitated.

Police said when they questioned 22-year-old Rachel Nelson, she initially lied. However, should would later fess up.

According to court papers, “Rachel Nelson admitted that when (the baby) struggled for air, she would hold (him) tighter against her chest until he was no longer breathing.”

“At this point, she’s under psychiatric evaluation. So, at some point during the investigation, we hope to get a better idea what her intent for cause was,” Kraus said.


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