PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Former President Bill Clinton has become President Obama’s surrogate-in-chief, making nearly two dozen campaign stops in the last week alone.

Today, Clinton hit Pittsburgh.

On a chilly Monday morning, nearly 6,000 Obama supporters lined up for one final Market Square rally.

Bruce Springsteen’s buddy, Joe Grushecky, entertained while Democratic candidates completed the warm up for the main attraction – former President Bill Clinton.

No surprise, Clinton said President Obama was the obvious choice for Pennsylvania voters.

“I think it’s the candidate who got off the campaign trail and went to work on Hurricane Sandy with Republicans and Democrats alike,” Clinton told the crowd.

Clinton mocked Gov. Mitt Romney for not being clear about his positions, like the Lilly Ledbetter Pay Equity for Women Act.

“The answer is either yes or no. How hard is that?” asked Clinton. “There’s going to be a lot harder decisions than that waiting for the next president. What did he say? ‘Uh. I did collect a lot of binders once.'”

And he accused Romney of lying about Chrysler shipping Jeep auto jobs to China.

“You cannot afford to have a president who will deliberately misrepresent the truth to the working people of America to scare them just to get a few votes,” he said. “You cannot.”

And it is all about votes.

For President Obama to move forward, he must carry the state of Pennsylvania. The last Democrat to win the White House without Pennsylvania was Harry Truman back in 1948.

One key to an Obama victory here is women voters.

And Clinton made the pitch for Obamacare.

“And a lot of women for the first time will be able to take advantage of a law that says, you cannot charge a woman more than a man for the same health insurance policy,” Clinton said.


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