By Jon Delano

PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – President Barack Obama won Tuesday’s election and will get another four years in office.

There is no doubt that this presidential race will be analyzed for years to come.

Local voters played a key role in not only deciding who will be in the White House, but other races as well.

KDKA-TV Political Editor Jon Delano monitored the action as it happened last night and said the victory came a little easier than initially believed.

“[President Obama] won by over 100 electoral votes, he’s leading in the popular vote for sure and I think it was a pretty easy result that happened around 11 o’clock last night and Pennsylvania obviously played a role in all this,” Delano said.

The economy is a major reason why many people voted on Tuesday. It may be hard to believe with an unemployment 7.9 percent how the economy played in the president’s favor.

“Well, it played in the president’s favor because the exit polls suggest that the vast majority of people say that George Bush was responsible for the economy, not Barack Obama. Barack Obama was actually leading us out of the economic mess of George Bush, according to exit polls. People believe that, they believe the president tried, he was making some progress,” Delano said. “Sure, it’s not as good as a lot of folks would like to see, but the fact is they’re not blaming the president for the economy and therefore, he was able to escape from what many people thought would be the albatross around his neck. There was no albatross and in the end, the economy turned out to be helpful for the president.”

One of the key factors in the election was President Obama’s wide margin of victory among Hispanic and white female voters,

“President Obama won reelection because he has a broader coalition. In fact, he wins the Hispanic vote by 70 percent. That is incredible in a lot of parts of this country. But, he also wins white women. Women continue to support the president in big double digit numbers,” Delano said.

President Obama won the female vote by 11 points over Gov. Romney. A total of 67 percent of single women supported Obama, who also won by an eight percent margin among married women.

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