BELLE VERNON (KDKA) — Four students were hurt Thursday afternoon when glass broke out of a window and fell on them at Belle Vernon Area High School in Fayette County.

Temporary repairs have now been made to an 11×3-foot section of glass on a second-floor ramp at the high school.

The glass was shattered late in the afternoon as several students in a video production class were shooting what the hoped would be an award-winning video.

“The kids from the second floor were dancing and jumping around, and then they started to bang on the windows. And you know, it could have been the window frames, it could have been the actual windows – not a malicious thing – just they were excited,” said Dr. John Wilkinson, the superintendent of the Belle Vernon Area School District. “Probably took it a step too far and a top of one of the panes did break off, and the glass did come down to the first floor where we had students as well.”

Dr. Wilkinson says the teacher and the administration had approved the script for the shooting of the video beforehand.

He described what happened as an unfortunate accident. The injuries luckily were not serious.

“There was roughly 11 students in the whole… on that first floor,” said Dr. Wilkinson. “There was four students that were hurt. Two girls who we believe have concussions, but that’s no substantiated yet; and there are two students who were sent to the nurse and the nurse triaged them, called their parents and I believe they got a couple stitches.”

The students who broke the glass have already accepted responsibility.

“The two students who started pounding on the glass, they went to the principal and confessed that they did it,” added Dr. Wilkinson. “They felt terrible about it.”

Belle Vernon Area High School won a $500 first prize last year when students in a video production class produced an anti-bulling video. The students were shooting a new project when the accident happened.

They were hoping to win a $5,000 prize.

If they do win, Dr. Wilkinson says some of that money may go towards repairs to fix the glass.

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