PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A 19-year-old remains in critical condition after authorities say he was shot by a Pittsburgh police officer during a traffic stop Sunday night.

The teenager’s mother is distraught. She claims police will not allow her to see her son.

The mother of Leon Ford says something went terribly wrong Sunday night and she will deal with that at a later time, but right now she says she needs to see her son.

LaTonya Green told KDKA’s Brenda Waters: “To not be able to see my son that has been shot, that is in critical condition, is unheard of. It’s not fair; it’s not fair. I need to see him.”

According to police, Ford was pulled over in the Highland Park section of the city just before 10 p.m. Sunday. Two officers approached his car. They say Ford refused to answer any questions.

Officer David Derbish claims Ford moved his right hand as if reaching for something.

Authorities say the officer opened the driver’s door, and Ford took off. Officer Derbish, 26, was dragged 100 yards half-in, half-out of the car.

Investigators say Derbish fired his weapon three times. Ford was hit in the chest and was taken to UPMC Presbyterian Hospital for treatment.

Green says she is flooded with memories of her daughter who was killed six years ago when she was hit by the driver of tractor trailer.

Leona Ford was 10-years-old and was walking to the bus stop with friends along old Freeport Road in Harmar Township after leaving a birthday party at Fanfest.

Green described her feelings: “Agony, hurt, anger, every reaction a parent could feel cause this is my child. I already lost a child, I need to see him. He needs to feel my presence.”

When asked why Green cannot see her son, police say because of Ford’s medical condition it was only Wednesday that they were able to charge him; and because of the severity of the charges, no one will be allowed to visit Ford, not even his mother.

Ford, who is from East Liberty, faces numerous charges including aggravated assault against a police officer. Ford’s family has hired an attorney to get a court order to see him.

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