PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — The holidays are approaching, and brown paper packages tied up with string would be much easier to open than much of the plastic packaging we see today.

People use scissors, knives, fingers and teeth to try to break in; but a product called Open X says not anymore!

KDKA-TV News Anchor/Does it Really Do That? Reporter Jennifer Antkowiak recruited Peggy Dipko from Penn Hills to check into the manufacturer’s claims that Open X makes opening virtually any package safer and hassle-free.

Between work and family, Peggy keeps busy and is always interested in things that could help save a little time.

“I like to try new things. I like change, and if it can make my life a little easier… hey, why not?” Peggy said.

She was excited to try Open X, especially because it brought back a lot of memories!

“You should have seen us on Christmas morning when the kids were little,” says Peggy. “I mean just with the batteries, trying to open it, and cutting yourself with the knife cause you have to open stuff with knives.”

Ready to test Open X, their first hurdle was getting the product out of its packaging. It was sealed in plastic all the way around.

The manufacturer designed it that way for fun, promoting that: “This will be the last package you struggle to open.”

Peggy used scissors to get to the Open X. She said it felt good in the hand – sturdy with finger grips and a thumb rest.

Open X works by using a small retractable piercing blade, and then a bigger blade secured in an opening that allows you to get into the packaging.

Jen and Peggy started simply, gliding the Open X along some shipping tape on a box. It worked quickly, and easily.

The commercial shows the Open X going through all kinds of packaging.

Getting into electronics can be especially tough, so Jen and Peggy tried the Open X on a remote control sealed in hard plastic all the way around a seamless barrier.

Following directions, Peggy pushed the button to extend the retractable piercing blade and make a little slit along the side, big enough to insert the tip of the Open X, and glide it all the way around.

Peggy said, “It slides right along. It’s out, the instructions are intact; not ripped to shreds. It did a good job!”

Would the Open X work on something thicker?

We tried it on a craft product, fully encased in plastic. Again, the Open X glides right along, even though Peggy can definitely feel that this was a thicker plastic.

The Open X also worked well on thin cellophane from a CD case, potato chip and cereal bags; and zipped right through the plastic covering on a case of water.

The Open X claims to make it faster, easier and safer to open a variety of plastic packages.

So, does it really do that? Yes!

Peggy gave us a thumbs up and said, “I like it! Yeah!”

Open X does contain sharp blades and the instructions include a warning to handle the product carefully.

The product also comes with a money back warranty. Open X is available online and in stores for an average of $9.95.

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