PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – Black Friday is still slightly less than a week away, but some locals are already camping out for deals.

One group of about a half-dozen people – and a dog — is already camped out at the Best Buy in Pleasant Hills.

“It’s exciting,” said Jesse Bredholt from West Mifflin.

They’ve already been there for about 24 hours and have a tent with sleeping bags set up, as well as a space heater.

The group says they don’t even know what they plan to buy, but want to camp out for the experience.

As for Thanksgiving, they’re hoping they can get some food delivered to them or take turns going home.

Bredholt says they’re also planning on using the bathrooms at nearby businesses to get through the week.

It’s not the group’s first time camping out either. Last year they camped out for about two days, in more extreme weather.

“Last year we did about 48 hours,” Bredholt said. “We thought we should step our game up and do about 168.”

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