PITTSBURGH (KDKA) – They are six foods that are super for you that can help you lose weight and help you stay healthy.

However, you may not have even heard of some of them.

Some of them are new on the scene, while others have been around for a while.

Some taste great on their own while you have to be a little creative with the others.

As it turns out, the Steelers, Penguins and Pirates are all eating these foods because it’s their dietician who put this list together for us.

They’re six foods Steelers Dietician Leslie Bonci said you should consider eating.

The first food is quinoa and no matter how you say it, Bonci said it’s great for us!

“It is not new, but it’s new to most people,” Bonci said.

It’s a grain she said is gluten free and high in protein. She recommends using it in a salad, or getting kids to try it as a cereal with maple syrup.

The second food is kale, which Bonci said is cheaper than spinach and has minimal calories and maximum nutrition.

“Vitamin A is extremely important for the health of the bones, for the health of the eyes,” Bonci said.

Bonci showed KDKA-TV’s David Highfield how to sauté it with some mushrooms, shallots and spices.

However, Suzanne Lamers, of Robinson, makes juice out of it.

“It’s not a blender, it’s a juicer. It kind of goes – then juice comes out the side and the other stuff goes out the other side,” Lamers said.

Lamers said she mixes it with pineapple to enhance the taste.

You can also find kale chips at the grocery store.

The third food is almonds, which Bonci said recent research shows they have fewer calories than initially thought.

“You actually burn a little more calories in the digestion of almonds. They have more protein, they have more fiber,” Bonci said.

She recommended putting them in salads and kids may like almond butter with a banana.

Bonci also said you can use them crushed up.

“For Thanksgiving, do an almond crust instead of doing a pastry crust,” Bonci said.

The fourth food is mushrooms and Bonci said they have a savory flavor with a lot of potassium.

“They’re very high in potassium and new research on mushrooms [shows] high in Vitamin D. Who knew? And there aren’t that many food items that are,” Bonci said.

You can even buy ground mushrooms to add to a sauce or soup.

The fifth food is dried plums, but are they the same as prunes?

Bonci said they’re actually the same thing, but whatever you call them, they’re good for your heart and your bones.

She said you can add them to a salad, cereal or even trail mix.

The last food item is Greek yogurt. It wasn’t that long ago when you couldn’t even find it in the grocery store, but it’s becoming popular now.

Bonci said it has a high protein content.

She mixes it with taco seasoning for a dip, adds it to a soup to make it creamy and said a smoothie with milk, honey and berries will get kids interested.

Bonci said the Steelers, Pirates, Penguins and even the Pitt players all have smoothies too.


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